Response to Covid19 cost Trump the Presidency

It seemed like a no brainer second term for the great Donald J. Trump. There was a great economy and religious like following by his supporters, even some would say cult level. Historically speaking there haven’t been a lot of 4 year elected presidents that couldn’t pull of a second term. Historically speaking again there haven’t been many presidents in the middle of a crisis that haven’t gotten elected for a 2nd term.

So what happened to Donald J. Trump? Our team broke Trump’s loss into 4 major actions or lack of actions and at the top of the list is Covid19.

The failure to show compassion, to create a plan, and to execute a plan to fight Covid19 was the number reason Trump got smoked by 7 million votes to Joe Biden, a guy none of see as a the greatest political candidate. Our analysis shows over and over if he just showed compassion to the dying and sick he would have won easily. Clearly personality disorders like a narcissistic personality disorder and clear frontotemporal dementia led to his poor and selfish decision making. Instead of helping America fight this virus he made it political. From “hoax” to not wearing a mask he came across as reckless to many Americans and they plain and simple did not vote for him. Not wearing a mask became a statement that I stand by Trump. It was a huge political mistake. A crisis like Covid19 would be a golden ticket to victory for any intelligent politician.

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